Lanyard. Sydney Buses

promotional neck lanyard for World Youth Day 2008

a conversation starter!

Special price to clear

$5 each or ten for $25.00

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Sydney Metro Bus t-shirt many sizes


Pure cotton medium length sleeves. High quality colourfast. Made by Gildan


Post free


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  • Available

Promotional t-shirt STA Prepay.

Pure cotton. Heavy quality. new

sizes M (mens) and S (small) only

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  • 0.4 kg
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  • Ships within 4-5 days1

Sydney Transport T-Shirt. Ticket motif

High quality cotton t-shirt.  Designer label

Colour black only, with mosaic pattern of tickets and double deckers

Sizes S ,  only 



  • 0.5 kg
  • Fewer than 3 left
  • Ships within 4-5 days1

AEC T-shirt

T-shirt in white or marl (marbly grey / white)

Large striking logo in red white blue triangle

Limited size range


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  • 0.49 kg
  • Fewer than 3 left
  • Ships within 4-5 days1

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