LEYLAND 'TITAN' radiator badge - pre WWII

Reproduction from an original. Exact dimensions and surface finish

These badges were attached to the bottom bar of the radiator surround on pre war TD model double deckers. (Single decker models carried "Tiger")

New condition, produced in high purity cast aluminium alloy.

Unpainted: the background colour black can easily be applied below the raised letters.

Do it this way: use a spray can or brush black paint onto the entire face of the plate.

When it is thoroughly dry, rub the plate face down on 240 grade wet and dry paper backed with a sheet of glass or completely flat smooth surface, with a little soapy water to prevent clotting and scratching.   This will highlight the lettering and raised edge

Give the surface a final polish with very fine (1200 grade or finer) wet and dry abrasive paper.

radiator badge Titan


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VOLVO Bus name badge and trim bars. Genuine

Genuine Volvo part 

The badge carries pegs on its rear face, which can be inserted through a mounting board or metal panel. The pegs look the same as those on the trim bars.

Badge size:  about 60 mm square

These Badges will become rare as they can only be fitted to 100% new Volvo Vehicles.


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AEC Regal radiator badge.

Genuine original from the single decker Regal V  of which many examples ran in Sydney. One is preserved in operating order at Sydney Bus Museum.  A rare opportunity to collect this once-famous makers name. The company name derives from the full title of Associated Equipment Company, an offshoot of The London General Omnibus Company


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Scania bus wheel nut guard. Genuine

Genuine Scania part   In used condition




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