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 If you have computer skills, retailing knowledge, admin. experience, or would enjoy bus operation, painting, mechanicals, purchasing, photography, archiving, we do it all.

The Museum especially needs mechanics and museum curators.

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Money helps the wheels keep turning. We need to buy batteries, tyres, tools, spare parts, such as bearings, seals, gaskets, rubber belts, supplies like oils and adhesives, anti-corrosive coolant, parts cleaning solutions, sheet metal, wood, fasteners, welding gas: the list goes on.  Major restoration projects need complete repaints costing '000s, upholstery, electroplating services.  In your response you can leave a note saying which project or item you want to see helped. All donations are tax-deductible. Keep your receipt to attach to your tax return.  Select an amount you would like to give here >


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