Museum Guide to exhibits in Sydney Bus Museum

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A history of the museum from earliest beginnings in 1986, and photos and history of every exhibit, especially operational and display vehicles.

Fascinating detail of the recovery and restoration of some of our rarest items.

48 pages all in colour except for historic B&W.   Informative text plus detailed captions for every photo.



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A Time and a Place by John Birchmeier

The stirring tale of the  founding family of Dion's Bus Service in Wollongong.

Although the buses were the best known business the family fortunes also grew through a general store which doubled as the booking agency for bus charters, and market gardens.

pub. 2019 .   144 pp. soft cover all colour over 100 photos maps and historic documents, ticket images.

An inspiring story of great interest to transport historians and bus followers

A whole chapter is devoted to the restoration by Brian Mantle of the unique Leyland OPD2 'decker custom-built  for Dions in 1948. see  rear cover photo


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The Private Bus Industry in New South Wales by John Birchmeier

A mirror of our times

This fine book by noted researcher and author John Birchmeier is a comprehensive account of and tribute to the New South Wales  Bus Transport Industry from the early 1900s to today, portrayed through commentary , photographs and story.

The culmination of 18 months solid writing and design, research, and collation of over 250 high quality photos.

The book was written in connection with BusNSW's 75th Anniversary celebrations – in early 1942 the NSW Omnibus Proprietors' Association (BusNSW's antecedent) came into being, the first statewide organisation for bus operators in NSW.


Hard cover  213 pages over 250 photos all colour except where historic B&Ws are used.

published 2017 by BusNSW


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Ryle'Wy by Duncan MacAuslan

How the horse buses transformed Sydney

A very deeply researched elegantly produced  in A4 format

128 pp. over 100 photos, mostly B&W  but some colour shots of preserved buses, also tickets

Many very interesting historical photos of Sydney and suburban street scenes.

The full story from the very first American-style bus to the latest and largest double deckers, up to the inevitable demise under competition from trams. Some photos show steam as well as electric trams in early service.

Published by Transit Australia 2016


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Balmain Peninsula Transport by Duncan MacAuslan

A full study of transport in and to Balmain from the city and nearby suburbs, by ferry, horse bus, tram, private bus and NSW Government Buses.

Many historic photos mostly B&W but the book is printed in colour throughout, so that highlights appear clearly.

Published by The Balmain Association, 2016. Supported by Cobden and Hayson, graphic designers

102 pages,  over 50 photos mostly B&W, some in colour. Many maps and press clippings from earlier eras, also tables and line drawings

A satisfying read for both transport enthusiast and historian and as a valuable historical document showing Balmain history from a different viewpoint


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Martins Albury - John Birchmeier


NEW from respected author John Birchmeier, writer of Saints of Peakhurst, The Blue Buses, Keira Kembla and Around the Lake, The Dions.

The book is beautifully designed and produced: a worthy addition to any transport historian's library.


Martin's has operated bus services for 85 years in the Albury / Lavington area and ventured into coach operation to very high standards.

Route maps, historic timetables and fare charts, vehicle photographs from early 1900s onward.


120 pages

All colour except historic B&W photos.

Published by John Birchmeier Ⓒ 2013

card cover


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Kembla, Keira and Around the Lake by John Birchmeier

The history in full of Rutty's Bus Service, Figtree

Highly respected author John Birchmeier has just produced this deeply-researched, prolifically illustrated history of the famous Wollongong bus operator, from 1925 to 2001.

Absorbing stories of the heroic efforts of the bus operators on narrow bush tracks, poorly made and maintained roads, and occasional flooding.

Colour cover with 14 pages of colour photos and a wide selection of B&W photos, as well as many beautifully drawn maps, timetables, destination rolls in colour.

150 pages A4 format


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Saints Of Peakhurst

By John Birchmeier

Beautifully produced from this renowned author.

Hundreds of period photos.  75 years of history



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The Dions by John Birchmeier


We have  sourced the last remaining copies of this fine book detailing the full history of the family bus service which started v1n the 1920s and is still running under that name

120 pages over 80 photos all B&W

Published by John Birchmeier Ⓒ 1997

card cover


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Seventy Five Years A Driving Force - the private bus industry in NSW

A Commemorative booklet produced by the Bus and Coach Association (now Busnsw) to celebrate its 75 years since incorporation as the NSW Bus Proprietors Association, in 1942.

28 pages, all colour except for historic B&W photos, of which there are many, dating from as far back as the early 1900s. 

A fascinating pictorial and historical record of private bus operation in New South Wales. There are references to the many hardships suffered by private owners when the NSW Government stepped in in 1932 and nationalised many companies.

Over 100 photos making this a very readable book, of historical value.  Great value!


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The New South Wales Government Bus - a 75th Anniversary

by Greg J Travers

published by Sydney Bus and Truck Museum,  2007.  106 pages

 All colour except for B&W historic photos.  Many maps and drawings


 From the early days of the bus service from hot lunches at the bus depot to accidents throughout the city including a double-decker bus which crashed into Circular Quay the photography is truly well worth a look for both Adults and Children alike.


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King Of The Road

by Jack McCafferty with Don Talbot

 A rare and much-sought-after book

The small bus company that survived and grew big. From the 27h.p. Reo onwards, this is a tale of enterprise and hard work. Looks at the routes the vehicles, the people, the places, the new services, and their outcomes.
Hilarious anecdotes many photos of buses and family and places.  Out of print and rare.


324 pp paperback B&W and colour photos


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Murray Valley Coaches

by Dirk H R Spenneman


Buses up & down the Murray : the Murray Valley Coach Company of Albury




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Australia and New Zealand Double Decker Bus edited by Stephen Cho

NOTE: this book is not about foreign buses: every photo was taken in Australia or NZ.

A remarkable book. 135 pages, Over 200 photos all high definition colour.  Published 2018 by New Overground Publishing

Elegantly produced, with text in English and Cantonese.  English language text is modern, fluently expressed.

Illustrated are new double deckers as supplied to Australian and NZ operators, and many (at least half) are of historic buses from Museums,  and some as found in  out of the way places.

90% of photos never before seen elsewhere. Something of a first: a book with appeal to both Chinese and English-speaking readers.


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Over the Bridge

by Leon Manney


Sydney's North Shore buses from the 1930s to the 1970s. A very valuable record of DGT operations.


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New Zealand Railway Tramway and Bus Bibliography. ed. Sean Millar

A researcher's dream. 646 books described which have been published  about NZ transport history

Listings cover the years from 1871 up to year 2000.  Guidance is given as to how to find and purchase the book listed.

Indexed by:

Year of publication


Geographical area


By title

Illustrated on some pages B&W. published 2000 by author

106 pages  A very impressive work of diligent compilation


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