The War Toys. The story of the Hausser / Elastolin war toy range. new revised edition

240 pages of detail about the German war toy manufacturer Hausser. The company produced figures, vehicles battle scenes with model figures.  Everything from Roman centurions to WW II German troops.  Remarkable for being in two languages: English and German. One section shows the manufacturing methods used.

Hard cover  over 200 photos B&W, all of company products and battle figures

pub revised edition 1997

as new condition hard cover with dust jacket unmarked.


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Dinky Toys

by David Cooke


A toy collector takes a trip through  the hundreds of different models made by Meccano Ltd from 1931 on. Many fine colour photos , historical photos, text and lists. Not the whole story but a very full  guide for a Dinky Toy fan.


as new, no scuffing or creasing 40pp mostly colour photos


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Ford by Robert Lacey


Fascinating, brilliantly written and researched history of Henry Ford and the Ford Company.

A masterly work on the history of the Ford Motor Company from the Irish family origins of its founder, through the quadricycle, models N,  T, A, V8, ‘49 model, Falcon, Mustang, Lincoln, war production, the Pinto and Edsel disasters. The people; Sorensen, Knudsen, Iacocca, the Dodge brothers, Along with the dramas of the Ford family, Edsel, Henry II, Edsel II. Huge index, text notes and Bibliograpphy.

If you haven't read this book you are probably not a Ford fan.

760 pages 24 pages of B&W photo sections, .  over 100 photos

Very good condition. Also in paperback item 5025


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A review of ocean liners from the days of sail to today's monstrous cruise ships.

160 pp. 50 photos all B&W

pub. Channel Four / Boxtree Books 1997

new condition


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Antique Cars by Lord Montague of Beaulieu

100 photos of cars from the 1890s to 1930s mostly held in the Montague collection.

mostly colour. very good condition.

80 pp. pub. Camden House 2001

A history of fine cars


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by David Mondey. The story of flight in modern times

104 pp. pub. Octopus 1973

150 photos all colour

pictorial military and civilian planes


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