The Tramways of New South Wales; MacCowan

Very thorough  with many very high quality photos, and comprehensive text,  and a good read.

Deeply-researched study of all NSW tram systems incl. cable + steam. Pub. 1992. Colour cover. 100s of B&W photos.

Two copies:

one very good condition 

one as new very fine condition

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A Century of NSW Tramcars

The definitive work on the NSW government tram operation in Sydney Newcastle and Broken Hill

Volume Two deals with electric tramcars of the  early 20th century from 1903 to 1908

The N  H J K M  classes are described in very great detail: mechanical, electrical, fleets, builders  etc.

Photos show the later history of each class, up to withdrawal

Many maps and diagrams, period ads from tram builders and parts suppliers: e.g. The Peacock Brake Company !

by Ken McCarthy and Norm Chinn.  published 1968 by SPER 

200 pages, approx. 100 photos  al B&W

In Very Fine Condition

A precious historic reference



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Tramways of Sydney

by David Keenan

 second hand in very good condition

history and photos. Colour cover
very deeply researched and profusely illustrated B and W


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Sydney Tramway Museum. Souvenir Guide

48 pages in Full Colour


published by SPER


A full history illustrated with a colour photograph of every exhibit held in the collection of the Tramway Museum at Loftus NSW

Also included is a short history of the classes of trams operate3d by NSW Tramways, with B&W photos of the older classes at work as far back as the  1886 cable cars

There is a full index giving a table of detail about every car: its builder, dimrensions, seating,  specifications, years built.

A valuable historical resource, deeply researched



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The Tramways of Australia by Samuel Brimson

An absorbing well-researched tour of all Australian tram systems. A must for tramway historians and enthusiasts.

Not a coffee table book, despite its very wide coverage. All systems are  described in considerable detail.


First edition Dreamweaver books   1983

over 200 photos, all B&W

The book is in Very Fine condition, no damage. As new.



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Melbourne Tram Review by RA Birrell

Photo study of all Melbourne tramcar types from W1 to Z 1.  2 and 3.

Specifications and allocations  as at Sept 1988.

32 pages, good condition. all B&W



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TRAMS a guide to the World's Classic Tramcars

Hard cover 130 pp.   over 150 photos all colour  mostly preserved trams in museums around the world

pub. 1995 in UK

perfect condition


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Buses Trolleys Trams Chas. H Dunbar

A world-wide study  pictorial and text

150 pp colour and BW

Two copies in stock: one is missing its dust cover but is otherwise unmarked.

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