Albion of Scotstoun. by Paul Adams and Roy Milligan no dust cover


Very good condition. however no dust cover The hard covers are black with gold embossing on the spine

The most deeply-researched study of all models of Albion cars trucks and buses from 1899 onwards.

Photographs of every model, with appendices giving details of Albion-Murray patents, model and chassis numbering systems, Model List (5 pages) engine types for each model, (2 pages), Chassis output, staff and workforce graphs, and Bibliography.

 Over 200 photos of Albion cars, trucks and buses from 1899 to 1972

170 pages all B&W


Hard covers, no dust cover, black embossed with gold lettering

Published 1999 by Albion Vehicle Preservation Trust



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Mailman Of The Birdsville Track

by Kristin Weidenbach

280 pages photo sections

very good condition paperback


The story of Tom Kruse written by his granddaughter a truck fan herself.

Harry Ding once operated 20 trucks, the Studebaker,  Thornycroft,  Leyland Badger and Cub Diamond T, many Fords He sold the Birdsville run to his employee Tom in 1947, who carried on until 1951 and had an award winning film made about him, “Back of Beyond” in 1954 The whole fascinating story, carefully researched and a good read .

The  movie 'Back of Beyond' is available from our DVD section


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Mail For The Back of Beyond

by John Maddock

Awe inspiring story of the truckie mailmen, their trucks and their mechanical miracles. A clutch plate is made from the bottom of a 44-gallon drum, a log between the dual rear wheels to avoid bogging.
Jack Gaffney, Harry Ding, Tom Kruse Ken Crombie.
A story of bravery and determination, and some incredibly tough vehicles.

Jack Maddock books are highly sought after for their thoroughness and readability


very good condition 160pp many photos

the Movie about Tom Kruse, Back of Beyond, is available on DVD here


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